Brendan + Kirsten - Engagement Shoot - Mount Tamborine - Canungra

Sometimes, you just have to try something a little bit different….

And so it was with Brendan + Kirsten’s Engagement Shoot on the weekend.

Normally, I’ll meet up with my couples at a nice location, hang out for an hour or so (usually half that time is spent just chatting!), get them comfortable in front of the camera, capture some lovely images and then head off home.

For Brendan + Kirsten, I wanted to mix things up a little.

So when we were trying to organise our busy schedules to lock in a date for their engagement shoot, I threw out an idea to them.  Knowing that they both love good food (check out Kirsten’s blog here), and don’t mind jumping in their 4WD and going for a bit of a drive, I proposed that we head away for a day drive coupled with a lovely picnic lunch, and I would be their personal paparazzi for the day (or pervert as I called myself!)  I wanted to create a little slideshow of the day, and the fun that these guys are known for.

Fortunately, Brendan + Kirsten loved the idea, and it was decided that a drive up to Mount Tamborine was in order.  Mount Tamborine has a special part in these guys hearts, as it was where they were whisked away to by helicopter for a romantic weekend after Brendan had proposed on the beach at the Gold Coast.

So, I met them at their house, we all jumped in to the car and headed off up the mountain.  

Our first stop was the take-off area for the hang gliders and para-sailers, but we didn’t last there long, as a heavy shower came across the valley.

We needed somewhere to hide, so the Witches Falls Winery + Cellar Door provided the perfect sanctuary.  Being lovers of a good wine, a tasting session was definitely on the cards.  After sampling, and purchasing, a couple of their finest, we utilised the surrounding grounds and vineyard for a couple of shots before heading down the mountain to Canungra and the beautiful O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards.  Here, there was more wine to be sampled before heading down to the creek for a gourmet picnic and a bottle of red.

As these two went about their business, I was happily snapping away, capturing some special moments between them.  I told them to not even think that I was there, and a lot of the time they did forget.  It was great to see a couple so very obviously in love hanging out and enjoying each others company.

You guys rock, and I can’t wait for your wedding day up at Yandina Station.

Make sure you check out the slideshow that I put together too…..

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