Phil + Dale - Brisbane Wedding 

Laid back. They are the two words that I would use to describe this wedding. From start to finish.

It was so laid back, that we even lost the bride at one stage….she disappeared off with the other guests when I wanted her and the groom for their portraits. I think she had run out of champagne and was just looking for more!

Phil and Dale got married at the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriage in Brisbane City, and from there we jumped in the limo and headed down to the Botanical Gardens for some of their photos. All the while, I was watching the sun drop closer towards the horizon. I needed to keep an eye on this, as we needed to get to the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs to watch the sunset. The cliffs played a very special part in the early years of Phil and Dale’s relationship, as they lived nearby and would often find themselves on the top of the cliffs with dinner and a bottle of wine.

After the sun had set, the party continued long and hard at the nearby Pineapple Hotel at Woollongabba.

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