Tom + Kirsten - Engagement Shoot - Newstead

Wedding season is just around the corner and I can’t wait!

So that means, pre-wedding shoots are flowing thick and fast at the moment.

I love the pre-wedding shoot.  Everyone gets to know each other a little better, we have a few laughs and the couples become a lot more comfortable in front of the camera.

One thing that always makes me laugh, is when I sit down for the first time with my couples, generally the guy says that he doesn’t like photos (I’m no exception!) and doesn’t like posing etc etc.  Then on the day of the pre-shoot, the guy is all cool and loving it, and it is the bride-to-be that starts off a bit nervous.  But by the end of it, everyone is having a laugh and a lot of fun, so the nervousness just disappears.

Tom + Kirsten were no different.  We even had a couple of ‘Ricky Bobby’ moments, where we just couldn’t work out what to do with our hands!

These guys are getting married up at Maleny in a couple of months time, and I just can’t wait.  It will be an awesome day!

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